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There is much to discover in Travemünde. The path along the Trave takes you from the fishing port where fishermen sell their catch directly from their trawlers, to the historic old town and the 400-year-old bailiwick, to the “Front Row” pedestrian promenade with its boutiques and cafés. The “Old Lighthouse”, 31 metres high, is situated on the Trave promenade, and was the first in Germany to become operational, in 1539. Today, it houses a maritime museum on eight floors.

Those seeking a bird's eye view will find what they’re looking for at the Maritim tower’s “Restaurant in the Clouds” . From there, nearly 120 metres above ground level, the view extends all the way to Lübeck’s old town and right across the bay of Lübeck.

The town’s trademark is the four-masted barque, the “Passat”, a sister ship to the “Peking” which is anchored off Manhattan in New York. Built in 1911, the ship rounded the Horn 39 times and, like the “Pamir” which sank in September 1957 in a hurricane, is among the legendary P-liners of the Hamburg-based shipping company F. Laesz. It has been in permanent anchorage at the port of Priwall since 1960. Visitors can hear all about life on board from old sea dogs who themselves voyaged round the world on great sailing ships.

Just a few metres away, at a special education centre, children can find out more about the Baltic Sea. Two marine biologists explain why the flounder is flat and why algae are often found on the beach in the morning. The more adventurous can also hold and stroke a starfish.

The promenade, built in 1898, gives an impression of the sophisticated world of 100 years ago. The broad, sandy beach extends in one direction, while on the other the broad and spacious Brügmann gardens offer a view of the sanatorium, which today houses a hotel.

Venture a few more metres and you will find the casino, which opened its doors in 1825. Visitors can try their luck at blackjack or roulette beneath colossal chandeliers. The ground floor also boasts a slot-machine saloon, where one-armed bandits offer the tantalising prospect of big jackpots .

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