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Travemünder Week

Since 1889, Lübeck Yacht Club has invited guests to the annual Travemünder Week held in late July. The event regularly draws more than 2,000 sailors from over 20 countries, making it one of the largest sailing events in the world. Travemünder Week has its origins in a race between two moneyed sailormen for a bottle of Lübeck red wine, known as “Rotspon”. Today's “Rotspon Regatta” commemorates this legend. Each year, Lübeck's mayor challenges one of his counterparts to the race, and the winner receives a six-liter bottle of wine.

The sporting event is accompanied by a large programme ashore. Nearly a million sightseers come to Travemünder Week’s party mile. As well as live music and a full range of events, the focus is on direct contact with the sailors. All competitions can be viewed from the shore; and in the evening, fans and their sailors can celebrate together on the beach.

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